How to make distributed fiber optic distributed acoustic/vibration sensing (DAS/DVS)


Distributed Optical Fiber Vibration Sensing System(DVS)is an optical instrument that uses optical fiber as a sensor for vibration sensing, and the system uses a single optical fiber to simultaneously realize vibration monitoring and signal transmission. Distributed optical fiber sensing technology is an emerging sensing technology,This technology lays the detection optical cable along the pipeline in the same trench or in parallel, and can obtain temperature, strain, vibration (sound) information at any point along the pipeline in real time,Real-time monitoring of abnormal conditions such as leakage, drilling and oil theft, and geological disasters along pipelines,It has the advantages of long measurement distance, continuous distributed measurement, accurate positioning, simple installation, safety and reliability, and strong scalability.

Generally, we refer to distributed fiber optic vibration systems that can collect acoustic signals as DAS,A distributed optical fiber vibration monitoring system that directly collects vibration without phase demodulation is called DVS,DAS can do phase demodulation, can restore sound linearly, DVS does not do phase demodulation. Detailed introduction>>

Video of DAS module

System modules (DVS and DAS)

In order to help more fiber optic sensing researchers and product developers to quickly realize their own fiber optic vibration measurement system, we have integrated the complex optoelectronic devices of the DVS system into a module that is only as big as a slightly thicker book.

Then the developers only need to match a high-speed DAQ card, installed on the industrial computer (computer), that is, to complete all the hardware equipment of the DVS system; then focus on the distributed fiber optic vibration system and algorithm implementation (after all, this is the core competitiveness of the DVS system).

In addition to providing DVS modules, we also provide free after-sales technical support services, we have many years of research and development of complete equipment and rich field experience, to help you solve all kinds of questions in the process of DVS development and implementation in advance, saving you at least 1.5 time and energy.

Our company focuses on the hardware module of DVS and DAS, the software program needs to be developed by you, we provide technical support for free.

DVS / DAS Production Method

Method 1、Rapidly build distributed fiber optic vibration sensing systems with integrated modules

Suitable Users:companies that are concerned about business domain knowledge, do signal data identification analysis, algorithms, don't want to spend too much energy on hardware development, want to realize distributed fiber optic vibration systems at low cost, university research labs, teams with software programming capabilities.

Hardware composition diagram of distributed optical fiber vibration system Hardware composition diagram of distributed optical fiber vibration system

Build Steps:

  1. Buy distributed optical fiber vibration DVS/DAS integrated module
  2. Buy a high-speed DAQ adapted to distributed sensing systems
  3. Buy an industrial computer and power supply (you can use your own computer instead)
  4. Connect the sensor optical cable, realize the host computer software and do data processing according to your own business field

Method 2、Building distributed fiber optic sensing systems with lasers, EDFAs and other devices

Suitable Users: university labs, graduate students and corporate R&D departments that are good at hardware, optical devices, FPGAs, etc., familiar with fiber optic sensing principles, familiar with DVS/DAS optical paths, and want to implement distributed fiber optic sensing systems independently..

Distributed optical fiber vibration system optical components and principles Distributed optical fiber vibration system optical components and principles

Build steps:

  1. Selection and purchase of optical devices such as narrow linewidth lasers, EDFA, AOM, Raman, photodetectors, etc
  2. Splicing optical fibers and debugging, to solve various strange phenomena encountered during commissioning
  3. Flip through the literature, change, adjust, turn the literature, Google the data....
  4. Buy/make DAQ
  5. Do signal demodulation processing and implement software

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