Distributed Acoustic Sensor Module

Integrated Module Of Distributed Fiber Optic Vibration Detection System
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Distributed Acoustic Sensor hardware module, based on which you can more quickly implement your own distributed vibration measurement system, you only need to match the DAQ, and then focus on the implementation of software.

  The distributed fiber optic DAS integrated module integrates high performance 3k narrow line width laser, AOM acousto-optic modulator, EDFA amplifier and other devices inside, and adopts coherent detection optical path, which has very sensitive technical characteristics. The DAS integrated module with a DAS special high-speed DAQ card and industrial control computer can realize the distributed fiber optic vibration sensing system.


ParametersymbolminimumTypical valuesmaximumunit
Pulse widthPulse10100ns
Operating wavelengthℷc152515501565nm
Measure distancesD40Km
Peak powerPp30W
Long-term stability of output power∆p0.02dB
Detection wavelength rangeDs11001700nm
Probe responsivenessDr10mv/nA
Line widthLw3kHz
Wavelength stabilityWs1pm
Side-mode rejection ratioSMSR50dB
Relative intensity noiseRIN-135dB/Hz
Operating voltageWv4.55.5V
power consumptionPs15W
Operating temperatureTw-2060C
Storage temperatureTs-4080°C
External control interfaceRS232

Schematic diagram of DAS system

Schematic diagram of DAS system

Screenshot of DAS test