DAQ card for Distributed Acoustic Sensor System

This is a PCIe x8 Lane, dual-channel, 14bits rate fiber optic sensing and demodulation card with a sampling rate of 250MSps. By adopting high-capacity data cache and high-speed data transmission engine technology, it supports real-time upload of raw data with data transmission rate up to 2GB/s.The driver has good compatibility and supports multiple versions of WIN7, WIN8, WIN10 with 32/64bits, as well as CentOS and Ubuntu systems.

DAQ card for fiber optic sensing DVS
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  • Built-in IQ demodulation algorithm
  • 14bits dual-channel simultaneous real-time sampling
  • 250MSps sampling rate
  • DC coupling, 50Ω input impedance
  • 2Vpp input voltage range, 0-125MHz analog bandwidth
  • Trigger output pulse, 16-channel digital IO
  • PCI Express x8 Lane High Speed Transfer Interface


Input Channel
Number of input channels 2
Input Impedance 50±1% Ω
Input Signal Range 2Vp-p/10dBm
Input coupling method DC(可定制AC耦合)
Resolution 14 bits
Bandwidth(-3dB) 0-125 MHz
Spurious-free dynamic range(SFDR) -1dBFS输入/100MSps
fIN=26MHz 88.5 dBc
fIN=42MHz 88.9 dBc
Signal-to-noise ratio(SNR) -1dBFS输入/100MSps
fIN=26MHz 70 dBFS
fIN=42MHz 72 dBFS
Average noise density -140 dBm/Hz
Internal reference clock
Frequency 10 MHz
Stability ±0.5(-20-60℃) ppm
Trigger output
High level minimum voltage 3.3 V
Pulse width resolution 10 nS
Minimum pulse width 10 nS
Digital input/output
Number of channels 16
Leveling standards 3.3V LVTTL
Output drive capability 8(MAX) mA
Signal Rate 50(MAX) Mbps
On-Board Cache 2 GB(DDR3L)

DAQ card for Distributed Acoustic Sensor System