1550nm narrow linewidth frequency modulation laser module

Narrow linewidth frequency modulation laser module with ultra-low RIN noise and excellent frequency modulation At present, it is widely used in automotive lidar and optical fiber sensing detection systems.

1550nm 3k narrow linewidth laser module
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  • Fiber optic sensing system
  • LiDAR


Item Minimum Typical Maximum Unit Remark
Wavelength 1530 1550 1570 nm Customizable
Work temperature -10 70
Output power 90 100 mW Customizable
RIN -165 -163 dBc/Hz@100kHz
Work current 400 2000 mA
Work voltage 4.75 5 5.25 V
Lorentz line width 10 20 KHz Customizable
Side-mode rejection ratio 60 dB
Extinction ratio 20 dB
FM range 3 5 G
Modulation rate 1 100 200 KHz
FM nonlinearity 0.5%
Output mode Fiber output (default.)
Interface type FC/APC (default)
Fiber type SM/PM