High sensitivity APD module,Free-Space,DC-10Mhz

APD410 Series Avalanche Photodetector,Free-Space,SMA Output,High Gain,Ultra Weak Laser Detection.

APD430 Series Avalanche Photodetector
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  Avalanche Photodetector (APD) have higher sensitivity and lower noise than standard PIN detectors, making them ideal for low-optical power applications, and our detectors integrate temperature sensors to regulate the bias voltage to compensate for the effect of temperature changes on the M-factor.


  • M-factor temperature compensation
  • APD overcurrent protection
  • Low noise and high gain
  • All metal shell, excellent shielding performance
  • M6 threaded hole for easy installation

  • Application

  • Detects ultra-weak light signals
  • Detect fast laser pulses
  • Chemical analysis
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Fluorescence analysis
  • Document download


    属性 APD410A-10M APD410C-10M
    Material Si InGaAs
    Wavelength Range 400-1100nm 800-1700nm
    Optical Input Free Space(FC Option) Free Space(FC Option)
    Detector Size 500um 500um
    Responsiveness 55A/W @ 905nm (M = 100) 18A/W @ 1550nm (M = 20)
    Bandwidth DC-10MHz DC-10MHz
    Rise Time 36ns 36ns
    Conversion Gain (Max) @HiZ 3x10^7V/W 9.8x10^6V/W
    Integrated noise 0.8nW(RMS) 2.3nW(RMS)
    Saturated optical power 0.1uW 0.3uW
    Noise voltage@50 Ω load <18mVpp <18mVpp
    Maximum output amplitude@HiZ 3V 3V
    Operating voltage 9-12VDC 9-12VDC
    Operating current <200mA <200mA
    Output connector SMA SMA
    Output impedance 50Ω 50Ω
    AC or DC Coupling DC DC
    Operating temperature -20~60℃ -20~60℃
    Storage temperature -40~85℃ -40~85℃
    Dimensions 60mm x 50mm x 32mm(Length x width x thickness) 60mm x 50mm x 32mm(Length x width x thickness)


    Response curve of APD410A-10M
    The Response curve of APD410A-10M
    Response curve of APD410C-10M
    The Response curve of APD410C-10M

    Mechanical Drawing

    The Mechanical Drawing of APD130
    The Mechanical Drawing of APD130