Biased Detectors, Si, Free-Space, 400-1100nm

DET20 Series Biased Detectors, 400-1100nm, Free-Space, SMA Output.

Biased Detectors Biased Detectors
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  Guangyi Intelligent' Biased Photodetectors are available in several models that cover the wavelength range from the UV to the mid-IR (200 nm to 2.6 µm). With a wide bandwidth DC-coupled output, these detectors are ideal for monitoring fast pulsed lasers as well as DC optical sources. The direct photodiode anode current is provided on a side panel SMA. This output is easily converted to a positive voltage using a terminating resistor. When looking at high-speed signals, Guangyi Intelligent recommends using a 50 Ω load resistor. For lower bandwidth applications, our variable terminator or fixed stub-style terminators quickly adjusts the measured voltage. The detectors below do not have amplifiers or built-in gain, which generally allows them to operate at higher speeds than our FPD510 series of amplified photodetectors; for applications that require gain, an amplified photodetector may be more suitable.


  Internal 12V Li Battery Include
  Rise Time as Fast as 0.35ns
  Compatible With 30 mm Cage System
  Can be Fiber Coupled Using Fiber Adapters
  M6 Mounting Holes


  Monitor CW or Fast Pulsed Lasers
  Pulsed light waveform detection
  Wireless Optical Communications & Visible Optical Communications
  Quantum communication

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DET20-20M DET20-100M DET20-500M DET20-1G
Material Si
Response Spectrum 320-1000nm
Optical Input Free Space
Active Area 3.6mm*3.6mm Φ1.2mm Φ0.8mm Φ0.4mm
PD Surface Depth 2.4mm 2.9mm 2.9mm 2.9mm
Peak Response 0.55A/W @ 850nm 0.6A/W @ 830nm 0.55A/W @ 830nm 0.51A/W @ 780
Bandwidth DC-20MHz DC-100MHz DC-500MHz DC-1G
Rise Time 18ns 3.5ns 0.8ns 0.35ns
Dark current 1nA 1nA 0.5nA 0.1nA
Saturated optical power 30mW 20mW 20mW 20mW
Junction capacitance 20pF 3pF 3pF 1.6pF
Bias voltage 12V
Accessories Battery charger; SMA to BNC Cable
Output SMA female (DC Coupled)
Output impedance 50Ω
Coupling mode DC
Operating temperature 0~40℃
Storage temperature -40~85℃
Dimensions 60mm x 50mm x 32mm(Length x width x thickness)


The typical responsivity of DET20
The Response curve of DET20 Free-Space Biased Detectors

Mechanical Drawing

The Dimensions of Mechanical Drawing Free-Space  Biased Detectors